Exchange 2000 Vulnerabilities

The following list includes some of the most critical Exchange 2000 vulnerabilities known to the security community. In any case you find that there is anything missing in this list, please let us know and we will update it as soon as possible.
  1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 IMAP Literal Processing DoS Vulnerability
  2. Outlook Web Access XSS (MS06-029)
  3. Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Script Injection (MS06-029)
  4. Microsoft Exchange Code Execution (MS06-019)
  5. Vulnerability in the Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects Allows Remote Code Execution (MS05-048)
  6. Vulnerability in OLE and COM Allows Remote Code Execution (Exploit, MS05-012)
  7. Vulnerability in Exchange Server Allows Remote Code Execution (MS05-021)
  8. Vulnerability in OLE and COM Allows Remote Code Execution (MS05-012)
  9. Vulnerability in NNTP Allows Remote Code Execution (MS04-036)
  10. Vulnerability in Exchange Server Could Allow Arbitrary Code Execution (MS03-046)
  11. Malformed Mail Attribute Causes Exchange 2000 to Exhaust CPU Resources
  12. Malformed Data Transfer Request Causes Windows SMTP Service to Fail
  13. Deeply nested OWA Request Can Consume Server CPU Availability
  14. Incorrect Attachment Handling in Exchange 2000 OWA Can Execute Scripts